How to Brand Yourself Online in Just 4-Minutes in 2021

If you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit, then you’re probably dreaming of running your own online business or positioning yourself as a thought influencer.

Lessons have learned that taking the initial step to promote your business or personal brand is one of the major hurdles of getting from zero to hero

Step 1: Find out what makes you unique

Ask yourself, what do I like doing? What are my strengths and my passions?

What combination of two passions in your life makes you unique amongst your peers or friends?

For example, if you really like making ice cream, and you’re a professional gardener, what about selling an ice-cream flavored garden herb kit online?

Know what you can do, and more importantly, what you cannot. Even if you’re really autodidact and can learn anything, should you? Sometimes letting go of doing everything by yourself, can free up space in your mind for creative juices to flow.

Step 2: See how others are seeing you right now

Ask friends and colleagues you trust, to tell you 5 things about you that you’re good at. What do they think you should do in life? This might seem embarrassing, but own it and you’d be surprised at the amazing response you’ll get.

Step 3: Define clear, bite-size goals

Less than 4% of people write down their goals. And less than 1% actually review then on an ongoing basis -Entrepreneur, Jan 2017

But it’s not just about setting them, it’s about making them manageable. In software development, for instance, a task should not take more than a day. If it’s more, it needs to be broken down into 2 tasks or more.

Set your goals, and then open a notebook or a todo app and start writing tasks under every goal. If tasks take too long or without a clear roadmap, break them down into more tasks until they do.

For example, if your goal is to make an extra $10K by the end of the year, break that down into the exact amount you need to earn every month for the rest of the year.

Step 4: Brand yourself online

Start by increasing your social media presence. Create a new Instagram business profile, Facebook page, maybe a Medium blog, and start sharing content that is relevant to the goals you’ve set in the steps above.

Final and most important step!

Use a known platform for personal brands like Ahoyo, and helps you start getting leads and contact requests from customers online.

Go ahead, Brand yourself online now

Share your new Ahoyo pages on the comment section below 👇💙

Originally published at on May 3, 2021.

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