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3 min readJun 7, 2021

Strength of branding makes the difference between a small travel blog and a trusted source of travel expertise. There’s a lot that goes into building a solid brand, and here are a few of the most essential steps for you to take when you’re starting:

Know your niche

You need a niche. Maybe it’s budget travelers, maybe it’s people looking to tour your hometown, or maybe its women traveling alone. Whatever you select, you should start with a specialization. Having a niche allows you to quickly establish expertise, a recurring audience, and a better-defined brand. If you live in a popular area for tourism like Paris or New York, it might not be enough to have a geographical niche. You should consider specifying even more, depending on how much competition you have, until you can establish yourself as the number one go-to source for information on that specific subject.

Make instructional videos

You need to make sure your audience is getting some real value from you. That means offering solid, informative guides to basic travel skills and information within your specialization. Whether it’s how to use public transportation in your geographical area or more universal skills like packing for your area’s climate, you have unique and helpful information to offer. That lets you immediately establish your expertise, build trust with a growing audience, and open a door to the rest of your content. Instructional videos are a perfect way to introduce your brand to others.

Get active on social media

Before people go on vacation, it’s common for them to look at pictures on Instagram and other social media sites to get excited for their trip. Take the time to explore beautiful areas, find hidden gems, and create enticing content for future travelers. It establishes you as a local, will help you build a more reliable following, and might even drive interest in your niche. Besides, the more streams you open for people to find your content, the faster your audience will grow. Each platform you establish yourself on is another opportunity for something you post to go viral, and is a new audience for you to tap into.

Make one destination to redirect your traffic

If you’re diversifying by building a presence across a large number of social media platforms, you need a single destination for your interested audience to visit once they discover you. For some people, that’s a YouTube channel, for others it’s a personal website. Just make sure that you know what your central hub will be, and that the rest of your online presence is aimed at funneling interest into that center. It should be a site or location where people can enjoy all the content you’ve made, reach out to you for more information, and buy anything you might be selling.

Of course, here at Ahoyo we’ve built a perfect, free way for you to build the online hub for your brand. To create a single, easily customizable page where you can hold your products and services descriptions, contact page, and anything else you might need, just click here!



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