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3 min readAug 14, 2021


If you’re hoping to attract clients as a digital marketer, you should start by building your brand. An established brand will do passive marketing for you and help you rise above others vying for the same opportunities. Here are a few key tips on how to get started creating a reputation as a digital marketing professional:

Teach others about digital marketing

If you’re offering advice to others in your field, people will assume that you are experienced and trusted for your quality work. To build this reputation, you should create content like blog posts about being an effective digital marketer and build a brand as an expert on the subject. Ideally, more senior people in your field could see those posts and offer you work based on the passive marketing you’ve created for yourself. In any case, that content is your portfolio and a demonstration of your skills. Creating content about digital marketing is one of the fastest ways to earn good, high-paying work.

Connect with other marketers

You might see other digital marketers as your competition, but that’s a dangerous mistake. By building connections with other digital marketers, you establish yourself as a part of the industry. Clients pay attention to whether a potential hire is respected by their peers, and natural social media interaction with other digital marketers will assure them that you are an equally skilled marketer. Plus, if you build a strong network within your field, other digital marketers will start referring clients to you. Some people are offered more work than they can do, so they direct others to their network of trusted partners. Connecting with other digital marketers can be a source of both legitimacy and income.

Use advanced digital marketing tools

Clients want to be sure that you have the skills to handle their digital marketing campaigns. Many of them use a broad set of marketing tools that require some getting used to before marketers can take advantage of all their features. Using those same tools in your own brand-building will give you a leg up, both in your actual job-seeking efforts and in the skillset clients look for. You’ll be able to advertise yourself effectively and honestly say that you know how to use the tools your work requires. Meanwhile, you’d be shocked to see the number of marketers that don’t take this advice. You’ll stand out as a true professional who knows how to use all the tools necessary for your work.

Bonus tip:

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